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“Website design is not a creative process” - a ‘competitor’

Can he be serious?

Apparently it’s all about IT. The same goes for SEO. If only.

I don’t normally comment on competitors but this one’s a Gloucestershire web designer and I met the owner last week. Nice chap who seemed to know what he was talking about.

Let’s deal with the creative question first. If there’s no creativity invested in your website design and writing, what do you get? A website that functions perfectly and engages nobody. Creativity is the essence of memorable communication. “Apologies for the long letter but I didn’t have time to write a short one”- Winston Churchill. Pithy, witty and true - that’s creative communication.

“Search engine optimisation  is an IT task”. Ok, SEO involves technical tasks, er, lots of them - site structure (that’s partly about usability but let’s not be picky), internal linking, site maps and more. But none of these tasks is worth doing if the keywords are wrong, if the content is rubbish, if the tags are badly written, if nobody wants to link to your rubbish content, if your content doesn’t engage and if you don’t think creatively about how to get those precious inbound links. In other words, the technical tasks are essential but they’re subordinate to the thinking and creativity that you need to make them worth doing.

I’ll get back in my cage now.

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