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SERP’s Search engine reports explained

Epicado Serp’s reports presents your current rank and the top sites using easy to read, intuitive tables. The websites are shown in (customizable) colors for easy differentiation between your websites and your competitor’s.

Different tables are generated and displayed in real time when you pick a different keyword or search engine. The tables can be interactively sorted by multiple columns.

Current Rank Report

The Current Rank report shows you the current position of your website compared to your competition. An alternative mode of operation for this report is to include all the keywords at once, for a quick overview of the websites positions in the selected search engine.

The Current Rank Report is tied to a date: the date when the project was updated. That means that the report will display (for each website in the given Search Engine/Keywords combination), the Position, Previous Positions, Change, Page, Best Position - all for the date when the update took place.

You can find detailed information about the Current Rank report in the User Guide.

Keyword Rank Report

The Keyword Rank report shows the position of your website for each keyword. You can see the rank information for all the keywords in your project in a tabular report. This information reflects the selected search engine - website combination. The Chart view contains information about the rank evolution of the selected websites, on the selected search engine, with all the active keywords in your project.

Search Engine Rank Report

The Search Engine Rank report shows the position of your website for each search engine.

Top Sites Report

This is a tabular report that presents the list of all the websites (and their positions) for the selected search engines and keywords. This is the same information you would obtain by manually searching in a browser window, except that the Top Sites report can also give you information about what happened in time.

HTML reports only - This report also shows historical information about the search engine results. To see what happened at a certain date, all you need to do is select the date you are interested in from the Date drop down. The Compare To drop down allows you to compare the currently selected date with a previous date, to see what was changed.

Overview Report

The Overview report aggregates all the available information into one single report. It is split into three parts, corresponding to each of the three entities that it deals with: Websites, Search Engines and Keywords.

HTML reports only - In this report, you can select multiple items in the input panel. This will allow you to compare the results between the selected inputs. In the report, a new column will be displayed that will contain the inputs you selected.

HTML reports only - Also, you can sort any column in the report by clicking on the corresponding column header. This will sort the items in that column ascending or descending. For Keywords, you have advanced sorting options in the Keywords tab of the Project Settings dialog. The Overview report will display the keywords in the same order they appear in the Project Settings dialog.


The Visibility report gives you an overview of the visibility of your website in the search engines.

On the left side, you have the three entities that you can select as input: Websites, Search Engines and Keywords. On the right side, you have several criteria for comparison between the websites available in your project, such as: First Result, In Top 10, Ranked, Moved Up, Moved Down, Visibility Score, Visibility Percent, Site Rank, Average Site Rank.

The visibility score is the sum of all visibility points for each keyword based on their position and is calculated for each website for the selected search engines and keywords. The site rank is a number that tells how well a website is ranked, and is calculated by a formula for the selected search engine and keywords.

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