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With the launch of Google Instant, search engine optimisation for top rankings is vital

Search engine queries account for about 80% of all website visits.  In the UK Google has a dominant market share of about 75%.

So getting top 3 Google rankings is essential.

And with the launch of Google Instant it’s more imperative than ever to rank in the top three positions because Instant focuses attention on the top three links.

Epicado delivers top rankings - some clients pay us for every day that they’re number 1 in Google. We analyse your traffic, how it behaves on your site and focus your marketing on the keywords and messages that get results.

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Epicado now offers you two new local search engine optimisation services:

- our local listings service gets you top positions in Google Places Listings, Google Maps, Google Mobile Search, Yahoo Local and Bing Maps

- our local search engine service helps you dominate your local Google, Yahoo and Bing search results.

Our SEO and linking service includes:

  • researching the best key-phrases to feature on your site
  • helping to create content that’s written around those phrases
  • writing your tags and internal links, adding an xml sitemap and ensuring your site is listed in the top search engines
  • getting links to your pages
  • reviewing search engine ranks, your web traffic stats and the number of enquiries generated
  • adjusting the site to improve your rankings
  • providing monthly search engine rankings reports and recommendations.

To find out more, call Paul on 01453 873638.


Search engines have one aim - to deliver the most relevant, authoritative pages for any given search query. Google has a unique ranking algorithm which, whilst secret, is known to respond favourably to sites that feature useful information - the kind of information that other website owners will link to.

When Google detects an incoming link, it assesses its quality and relevance. If your pages acquire a pattern of incoming links from relevant pages that Google already trusts, it will infer that your pages are authoritative and rank the page according to how it compares with pages competing for the targeted keyword or phrase.


In essence by:

  • researching how people are using the search engines in your market
  • ensuring that your site can be indexed by Google so that it delivers your pages against the right keywords
  • and by building your incoming links.

SEO is a process - not an event. It’s an investment in the medium to long term visibility of your site.For quicker results in the form of instant traffic, you will need to invest in pay-per-click advertising.

To find out more, call Paul on 01453 873638.

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Inventors of the Bath Melt - they look so good you could eat them - KAT needed a more contemporary looking website and an e-commerce system allowing them to control all site content, including a diary.


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search engine optimisation We were delighted with the way you interpreted our needs and delivered an e-commerce system which meets all our expectations.All in all, a job very well done. Thank you. web marketing

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