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How to reach overseas shoppers at low cost (and master Google Shopping too)

If you can distribute your products internationally but struggle to get visibility on the web, we’ve got a new web marketing service that will put your offering in front of millions of shoppers across 23 countries at very low cost. And it’s not Google Shopping because that’s no longer low-cost.

As you may know, Google has been charging for all clicks to its Shopping channel since 2013. Since Feb 13th it’s been compulsory for UK merchants to set up Adwords Product Listings Ads for the products they wish to display in Google Shopping.

So, what’s this great new service for merchants who want to sell overseas? Well, strictly speaking, it’s not entirely new - it’s been around for a while but is being promoted more aggressively across Europe, its main market and in more countries, languages and currencies across the globe.


Apart from the opportunity to reach millions of people without needing a marketing budget the size of Manchester, the really big deal is that you don’t pay for clicks - just for sales. There’s a 13% commission but translation, currency and shipping details are all dealt with via the service - it does all the transactional calculations too. Dealing with those kinds of hassles can be enough to put most small “etailers” off international marketing.

Currently the main markets covered are UK, Western Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Canada, South Africa, Australasia and Russian Federation.


With our Feed Manager software.

We run feeds from clients’ websites into Google Shopping - we do so daily so that our clients’ data is as up to date in Google as it is on their websites, something that Google likes. Google has rules in terms of the data it demands for its listings and if you comply with those rules, you have a better chance of displaying your products against the right keyword searches. Our software enables you to comply with Google’s rules and, as all clicks are now chargeable, that’s vitally important.

The same principle applies to the channel we’ve been keeping coy about - it’s called Fruugo.

We charge our clients a small monthly fee for running their product feed via our software into Google. For existing clients or any client who pays that fee for an alternative feed, we can provide a feed into Fruugo AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Have we gone mad? Yes but there’s method there. You get to reach millions of extra potential customers and we get more clients for a set monthly fee. 

If that’s the kind of web marketing that appeals to you, talk to the agency that needs certifying.

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