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Google search engine is 12 today

Happy Birthday Google from Gloucestershire’s grumpiest search engine marketing company.

Can it really be only 12 years? How did we ever manage without you? Quite well actually - there was a time when the search engine market was competitive with no single dominant force. If our memory serves, Yahoo was the market leader in 1998 but there were other acts in town like Alta Vista, Hotbot, Excite, Lycos and more. Now there are just three significant players and Google’s market share is so large that its grip is bad for the market.

Hats off - it’s done a phenomenal job with its development of the pay-per-click advertising model (credit for the concept of the PPC model is generally given to Idealab and founder, Bill Gross) but can anyone out-Google Google? Facebook? In the US it’s already overtaken Google in terms of traffic but it remains to be seen whether any social media site can make its advertising work. You may be able to target pay-per-click ads more accurately via Facebook but, so far, most people don’t go onto Facebook to look for products - they go on to have fun.

12 years is a long time in internet marketing. It will be fascinating to see how the market will have changed by 2022 but we’d be suprised if Google isn’t still a major force - it’s now the Microsoft of search - a back handed compliment perhaps but ok, a fantastic achievement too.

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