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Free Google Advertising - shurely shome mishtake?

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In 2009, 36% of internet users plan on doing more shopping online and spending less of their cash on the high street.

It’s hardly surprising that in today’s financial climate more people are staying in to shop.  The web allows buyers to search for bargains from the comfort of their own homes; and as the net continues to outperform the high street, it’s obvious that staying in to shop is the new going out.

81% of new websites are found whilst using a search engine. In the UK, the predominant search engine (up to twice as popular as the nearest competitor according to some studies) is of course, Google.

So how can you take advantage of this?

PPC advertising is one of the most flexible, immediate forms of advertising available on the web.  It can be highly effective, targeting your customers at precisely the moment they want to engage, thus bringing them to your site when they are ready to buy.

Pay per click advertising gives you complete control over your marketing spend (you decide how much your budget will be) and the results are immediately measurable, meaning that you needn’t waste money on something that isn’t working.  It’s an advertising medium that can be customised round your business.

But Why Outsource When You Can DIY?

Many businesses hesitate to outsource their PPC, believing that by keeping it in-house they are saving on management fees. Fair enough, it’s perfectly possible to set up a campaign and monitor it yourself, provided you’re prepared to negotiate your way around the labyrinthine systems run by the main engines and are prepared to learn by your own mistakes. But if you were running any other advertising campaign, would you write the ads yourself and book the media? Are you an advertising expert?

In the long run a DIY approach may cost your business money.  Almost half of companies involved in search marketing now outsource and with good reason.  PPC agencies are experts in their field.  They understand how to build in-depth keyword lists, write successful adverts and control bids. They’ll test different ads, display times and landing pages to maximise your ROI (return on investment) too.  Agencies have made the mistakes already – why risk making them yourself?

So What’s All This About Free Google Ads?

To help ease you into Pay per Click Advertising, if you sign up to a Google Adwords Campaign through Epicado during May or early June, we can offer you a day of free  advertising during your first month up to the value of £1000!  All you have to do is contact us and we’ll tell you how PPC could be helping you develop your business.

And if you’re wondering whether there’s a catch, of course there is - Google didn’t become a globally dominant monster by giving money away! But as catches go, it’s painless. All will be revealed if you get in touch.

Now where’s that drink?

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