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Optimised UK web hosting

Carbon neutral hosting from just £7.50 a month plus VAT

This hosting service includes:

  • 100% network uptime guarantee
  • Customer service when you need it
  • 24/7 Technical Support with 99.4% of all calls answered in 5 seconds in the UK
  • 1 hour hardware fix
  • Instant emergency response
  • Expertise in Microsoft Windows and RedHat Linux hosting solutions achieving Microsoft Gold Certification and exclusive RedHat Advanced Hosting Partner status
  • Substantial bandwidth capacity to allow for even the largest spikes in traffic
  • Flexible contract options for short term projects and campaigns
  • Domain registration, management and transfers where required.

You can cut your ‘carbon footprint’ by hosting your site on our UK based carbon neutral servers. Epicado’s web servers are hosted in a partnership with the International Tree Foundation, Britain’s longest standing tree planting charity, to create a package that provides sufficient tree planting to offset the carbon emissions produced by each customer’s hosting needs.

How does carbon neutral hosting work?

Web hosting inevitably consumes electricity and the generation of this power produces carbon emissions.  To compensate for this, the quantity of carbon emitted is calculated and trees are planted to offset this amount.  Through our partnerships with Rackspace and the International Tree Foundation, Epicado makes it easy for you to opt for carbon neutral hosting by including appropriate tree planting within the hosting solutions we offer.

The International Tree Foundation has set aside land in Pembrokeshire to plant trees on behalf of website owners, which will be entirely comprised of British native, deciduous hardwood trees.  The trees will be planted in perpetuity (at approximately two years of age), at which stage they will already be absorbing significant volumes of carbon to fuel their rapid growth.

How does UK hosting help my Google rankings?

Google ranks websites by using a complex and secret mathematical algorithm to establish rankings based on relevance and trust. It has stated publicly that one of the criteria that it uses to establish relevance is the IP address of the websites in its index – in other words, the geographic location of the servers where the sites are hosted.

For UK searches, Google favours sites that are hosted in the UK.

Of course, there are many other factors that will affect your Google rankings such as the length of time that Google has had your site in its index, the number and quality of links coming into your site and the relevance of your content to the keywords that you wish to be found against.

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