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How to get found in Google Shopping

November 23rd, 2011

Would you like to sell more products online at a lower cost per sale than via pay-per-click advertising?

Selling over the internet is becoming more and more competitive. To get an edge you need to reach more people searching for your products at a lower cost than your competitors. And you need to be visible from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

With Google increasingly favouring product retailers in its search results, it’s become vital for product retailers to be visible in Google Shopping. To get started you need to open a Google Adwords account, select your keywords and so on. You then need to ensure that your product ‘feed’ (the means by which you send Google your product data) is of high quality and that you compare favourably with the retailer feeds at the top of Google’s listings.

In the past retailers, especially those with hundreds or thousands of products, have often struggled with the manual task of sending an up-to-date feed into Google and ensuring that their feed is populated with the data that Google demands. Common problems with feed data include missing Brand, MPN (Manufacturer Part Number), EAN (European Attribute Number – product barcode), UPC (Universal Product Code) and GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number). Google and other channels now demand at least three of Brand, MPN and EAN numbers – without them your submissions will be rejected.

But with Epicado’s Shopping Feed service your products’ visibility in Google Shopping is now guaranteed.


We install software on your e-commerce website. The software takes your feed and submits it every day to your Google Merchant Centre account. It also provides us with a tool called a Product Optimiser.

To raise your profile in Google we use the Product Optimiser to review your product descriptions, assess their positions in the shopping results and add or edit those attributes needed to get your product onto the top page or position. To establish the correct attributes we use the Optimiser to interrogate the data submitted by the top ranking stores.

We can do this either in one optimisation effort or spread the work over a period to suit your budget.


Our service is ideal for e-commerce retailers meeting the following criteria:

-    Operating in markets where products are easily compared and with competitive prices
-    Running websites with reasonable conversion rates – 1% or above
-    Already investing in other search marketing such as SEO or PPC
-    Able to set-up E-commerce tracking in Google Analytics in order to track the value of sales generated by the feed.

Meeting some or all of these criteria isn’t essential but experience shows that the service offers higher ROI for websites that do.


We’re so confident that the Product Feed Optimiser will boost your sales that we offer the software installation and your first month’s submissions free of charge. We include the optimisation of up to 50 descriptions in that first month so that you can see the difference the service can make.


If you decide to continue with the service after the free trial, the monthly cost for the submissions is £167 plus VAT per product feed up to a limit of 50,000 products. For stores with more than 50,000 products, we charge for two feeds. The minimum contract period is 6 months.

You can extend the service to more of your websites and more channels such as Amazon Stores, eBay Stores and many other comparison and affiliate sites. Prices for multiple sites and channels are available on request.

Optimisation costs less than a pound per product description. Unlike Search Engine Optimisation, provided that Google doesn’t change its rules, the optimisation should be a one-off exercise.


Contact Paul Lock on 01453 873638.

How small businesses are using social media - infographic

October 4th, 2011

Social media presents a big opportunity to small businesses and the great news is that it doesn’t have to cost much to to do well. The biggest problem is understanding what to do, which isn’t technically hard, and how to integrate social media into your everyday activities in a way that’s structured and aligned with your business objectives - as opposed to signing up for Twitter and posting random tweets about what your cat had for breakfast.

To see how small businesses are using it, check out this infographic from Crowdspring.

What’s a search engine ‘visibility’ score?

August 12th, 2011

If you invest in search engine optimisation, you may have seen reports that refer to a mysterious phenomenon known as a visibility score.

Wassat then?

Essentially it’s a percentage score derived by assigning points for each ranking that your website achieves in selected search engines for any given keyword and dividing them by the maximum number of points that the search engines could deliver. It’s expressed as a percentage by multiplying the result by 100. You only score points for pages that appear in the top 30 rankings - any ranking below 30 scores 0.

Here’s an example.

We have a so-called competitor that’s currently targeting phrases such as:

Internet advertising agency Cheltenham

Internet marketer Cheltenham

Internet marketing Cheltenham

Marketing online Cheltenham

Pay-per-click agency Cheltenham.

They’re primarily concerned with Google rankings and their ahem ’strategy’ is to get someone from a foreign land to write unintentionally hilarious blog posts targeting these phrases. Sadly, Google hasn’t spotted their spammy techniques, not to mention the fact that they can’t be bothered to write their own blog, and they’re ranking well.

However, this is an example so let’s ignore the facts!

Assume that Google displays only one link per website in its top 10 results. That would mean that the maximum number of points they could score would be 5 keywords x 30 points = 150.

If they had 1 at number 1, 1 at number 2, 2 at number 4 and 1 at number 7, their points score would be 30+29+54+25 = 134. Divide that by 150 = a visibility score of 89%.

In fact Google is delivering their pages more than once on page 1 so their true total is in excess of 100%. There really is no justice.

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