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Banner placement

Using banners for pay-per-click advertising

Banner advertising was once very big business. In the ‘dot-bomb’ boom it was the biggest show in town. Only problem was, the cost of advertising soared and guess what, nobody could prove it worked. The result was a tumble in ad revenues and lots of empty advertising space - or rather, lots of expensive websites that relied on ad revenue disappeared. Gone forever. RIP.

Pay per click (ppc) to the rescue

PPC changed turned the online advertising model on its head. Instead of pricing ads on the basis of the number of ‘impressions’ (views), it prices the ads according to the number of ‘click throughs’ to the advertiser’s site. So you pay for visitors, not browsers of search pages or other sites.

PPC banners

Most ppc advertising is text only. Text is great but it has its limits - without pictures it can be visually and creatively dull. With ppc banners, you can get the best of both worlds because you can nominate the websites on which your ads appear and test and measure which ones generate the best response. Used well, strategically placed banners can increase sales and awareness - at the very least, they allow advertisers to communicate with tightly defined customer segments with more impact than is available through traditional text only ppc ads.

PPC banners are particularly useful for:

  • product launches
  • seasonal promotions
  • dominating a niche
  • targeted brand building.

Low cost production

Creating banners is not expensive. With the technology available today you can get a decent selection of banners written and designed for hundreds of pounds, not thousands.

To find out more call Paul on 0845 303 3001.

Building awareness

If your objective is to build brand awareness, traditional banner advertising may have a role. You can buy space on appropriate websites and pay according to the number of impressions generated.

This isn’t a route that we at Epicado advocate without a properly planned promotional campaign across offline and online media.

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