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Do you despair of finding a web marketing company that speaks your language, that doesn’t deal in gobbledegook and that lives by the results it delivers?

Epicado’s mission is to maximise the value you get from every pound that you invest in your web marketing. To achieve this we need to understand your business, your competition, your proposition and your objectives. We will then recommend the best way to build your web site, your visiting traffic and your conversion rates for callers, subscribers or sales.

Our approach can produce dramatic results.

“My online business was doing well but Epicado accelerated its growth in a way I didn’t think was possible.”

John Humphreys, Midland Ladders Ltd

Pro-rata, we tripled Midland Ladders’ turnover from just under £1million in 4 months - for just a 20% increase in marketing budget. If you would like to see our case studies, please complete the form or call Paul on 01453 873638.


To make the most of your web marketing budget you need to test and measure everything you do. Frankly, there’s no excuse to do otherwise. All the tools you need to identify the number of visitors you get, where they come from and how they found you are freely available. We’ll even help you by installing Google’s Analytics code on your pages for nothing - that’s a measure of how important we believe measuring to be.


Before we start on a project we’ll specify what we’ll be doing and exactly what it will cost. This protects you from any nasty surprises. If the scope of the project changes, we’ll estimate again and get your approval before starting any additional work.


Words drive the web. Search engine spiders, the software that the engines use to check your pages, can only read words. And words sell. Sadly, a well written web site is a rare thing. We don’t understand why so many businesses are cavalier about the way they use language on web sites. Perhaps they think it’s ‘cool’ or that the web is so informal that it doesn’t matter.

They’re wrong.

The way that you communicate verbally on the web sends a clear signal about the type of company you represent and your professionalism. It has been proven to have a direct bearing on sales too.


There’s no avoiding the fact that web marketing relies on technology. You can get yourself into big trouble if you don’t have proper hosting, bandwidth, data back up and properly registered domains. We have our own dedicated servers with full back up and technical support from senior people. 


Paul Lock

Paul’s been a marketer and copywriter since the days that punk rockers were first seen in the Kings Road. Having supported Chelsea since 1965, he treats success and failure as twin imposters.

 Allan Johnson

Allan’s our technical expert and project co-ordinator.

CALL US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION If you want to know more, please send us a mail or call us on 01453 873638. We’ll do our best to help you.

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Inventors of the Bath Melt - they look so good you could eat them - KAT needed a more contemporary looking website and an e-commerce system allowing them to control all site content, including a diary.


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search engine optimisation We were delighted with the way you interpreted our needs and delivered an e-commerce system which meets all our expectations.All in all, a job very well done. Thank you. web marketing

David Roscoe Dumbleton Fine Foods

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